Galapagos is one of the Earths astounding natural treasures, where the deep blue waters of the Pacific lap the volcanic shores of the world's most famous Archipelago. A cruise around the Galapagos Islands is surely one of the best ways to spend a break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life; Climb Bike Hike offers a variety of cruises on recommended boats, yachts and cruise liners, from economy class, through tourist, tourist superior and first class options. We have a Galapagos Island Cruise Package to suit all tastes and budgets.

Visiting the Galapagos Islands

There are two methods for experiencing the Galapagos Islands, the first, and by far the most convenient is on a boat. When you travel around the Galapagos Islands on a cruise liner or a yacht, you will be able to visit the main sites of interest, such as the nesting sites on Española, or the Devils Crown snorkeling paradise just off Floreana, and experience life on the open ocean; there is nothing quite like watching the setting sun fall off the horizon after a day's trekking and swimming, as you move serenely on to the next island.

The second option is Island Hooping taking day trips between the main islands on "lanchas" or small motorboats. For those preferring to overnight on dry land, this is ideal and still they will get to see some amazing flora, fauna and landscapes. We offer tours from 4 days to 8 days, with the option for extending your stay on one of the main islands. The stunning, stark beauty of the Galapagos Islands are attraction enough, but when combined with the simply amazing wildlife, from the islands' endemic Darwin's finches, through to the crazy blue feet of the Blue-footed Boobies, the Galapagos Islands are a fantastic destination for any holiday.

The air temperatures in the warm wet season are around 30°C with sunny days interrupted by short but heavy rains, where you can be wet in a few seconds, and dry again in a couple of minutes (sunshine is strong). Water temperatures are from, 22°C to 27°C, and with calm seas.

The cool season or Garua season offers air temperatures around 22°C. Cloudy and drizzle will be the main weather. Ocean will be choppier with surface movement, wind and currents. Water temperatures drop to 18°C on the surface, and with minimums of 14, for this reason, some divers prefer bringing a semi dry suit or even dry suits in this season.galapagos legend cruise

National park fee
The Galapagos Islands are part of the Ecuador National Park system and the entrance fee is collected on arrival at the airport on Galapagos. On alighting the aircraft the first thing all passengers must do is pay the entrance fee of US$100, - per person (in US$ cash only), and a tourist card which costs $ 20,00 dollars per person.

Money and Security
Passport, copy of passport, US cash mostly low denomination bills ($5 to $20), travel Insurance. Motion Sickness: Salted Crackers, or ginger tablets.