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We are a group of adventure lovers who are environmentally conscious and want to share with you the opportunity to hike and enjoy breathtaking scenarios, culture, wonderful places, and the opportunity to contribute to keeping the planet clean.

Our combined programs climbing and trekking goes from 1 day to 2 weeks starting with acclimatization to climb the most important volcanoes in the Andean Region. By participating in our trekking tours, you will immerse in all the wonderful scenery that Ecuador offers while helping the community people benefit from your visit by staying in their hostels and eating in their restaurants. This helps provide income and encourages communities to preserve their beautiful scenery in order to attract more tourists; a good example of sustainable development.

Community Tourism
Trek the Andean mountain paths and their wild moorland; trek through humid cloud forest and its verdant vegetation; trek through the Amazon basin and under its numerous waterfalls; trek to the coast and into its dry forests, the adventures are there, just awaiting your arrival...hikcui
Our trekking programs are designed as getaways into nature or as part of an acclimatization program with a view to climbing some of the Andean peaks. We divided our trekking tours in four (4) levels according to length and terrain. Easy, Medium, Advanced and Experts

1 - Easy
1 to 3 days
4 hours trekking per day
Optional camping site, huts or hotel

2 - Medium
3 to 5 days
6 hours trekking per day
Camping site

3 - Advanced
1 to 2 weeks
8 hours trekking daily
Climbing to peaks above 5000m
Camping sites and refuges

4 -  Experts
1 to 3 weeks
10 hours trekking daily
Unexplored places
Camping sites or bivouac

Levels 3 and 4 are expeditions because destinations do not have established routes and have dense vegetation. Safety systems are required in order to pass rivers, cascades and canyons.

Please note: we have many one-day excursions as well as longer programs, or expedition routes.




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