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Day 1- Transfer In HighLands - Laguna del Junco, Galapaguera, Puerto Chino
In the morning, departure to SAN CRISTÓBAL ISLAND. Transfer from the airport to HOSTAL ALGARROBOS. Accommodation. Lunch.
In the afternoon we will travel by car to LAGOON DEL JUNCO, after a short walk we will observe a large Mycenaean forest where frigate birds and patillas feed peacefully. On the way we will observe the agricultural and livestock area, the wind station; we will make a brief stop at the Manuel J. Cobos farm to see, among other things, the gigantic CEIBO TREE, with more than 300 years of life it is also the oldest in the Galapagos; It is so big that they have built a cabin where they can even stay. We will also observe the slavery system the farmer owner implemented in this place. We continue to the GALAPAGUERA located in CERRO COLORADO, here we will observe turtles exclusive to this island. Finally, we advance to PUERTO CHINO; After a 15-minute walk, we arrive at the beach where occasionally we can observe blue-footed boobies and sea lions. Dinner.

Day 2 - Tour 360
Breakfast. Schedule of the excursion from 07:30 to 16:30. It includes the following sites to visit:
- Bahía Rosa Blanca (beach, snorkel) / is a small bay, it is characterized by several small beaches with crystal clear waters and lots of dunes. We complement with snorkeling activity.
- Punta Pitt (only fishing) / Bird watching from the boat this is the only place on the Galapagos Islands, where you can see the three species of boobies. Blue-footed boobies nest indoors (rarely on cliffs), red-footed boobies nest on shrubbery, and masked boobies nest on cliffs.
- Sardine Bay (beach and snorkel) / Includes two beaches whose attractions are its small white sand dunes and crystalline waters ideal for snorkeling. Great presence of sea turtles, rays, and sea lions.
- Punta Pucuna (hike in lava) / is a small bay formed by three beaches, in the back part of which there are lava cones, forming a spectacular landscape. Walk for approximately 45 minutes.
- Cerro Brujo (panga ride) Where only panga ride (sail around the rock) will be done to observe marine birds such as blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, herons, frigate birds, and shorebirds.
- Kicker Rock (snorkel) Where you will snorkel and you can observe blacktip sharks, white tip, Galapagos shark, eagle rays, turtles and variety of fish and you will see the magnificent islet in the middle of the sea, rising 500 feet from the ocean, It has the shape of a giant sleeping lion, hence its name. Dinner.
INCLUDES SNORKEL EQUIPMENT (mask, snorkel, fins, and neoprene suit), SNACK, LUNCH, and DRINKS.

Day 3- Floreana / Isabela
Breakfast. At 07:00 departure to FLOREANA ISLAND located in the southern part of Galapagos; estimated arrival at 02h30. The activities to be carried out are as follows: In the morning we will go to the upper part of the Island to visit the volcanic lava cave of the pirates, a forest of scaling, a fresh waterfall, and the reserve of the Galapagos own of this island. Lunch.
In the afternoon we visit the unique black sand beach, ideal for snorkeling. Later we will go for a short walk along the shore of the port to observe wolves, iguanas, and marine turtles.
At 15:00 departure to Isabela. Accommodation at Gran Tintorera Hotel. Dinner

Day 4- Isabela / free day
Free day for optional activities. Includes accommodation, breakfast, and taxes.

Day 5- Tuneles / Cabo Rosa / Santa
Breakfast. Departure from Puerto Villamil at 08h00. Navigation time, approximately one hour per route.
Known as Los TÚNELES DE LAVA is one of the best places in the Galapagos for snorkeling because its waters are calm, transparent, clear, and shallow. They are formed by a series of arches, some of which protrude from the surface of the sea, over them grows vegetation, and while in its inner part are its calm waters that have different colors depending on the type of rocks. Lunch.
At 3:00 pm return to Santa Cruz Island. Lodging at HOTEL PALMERAS. Dinner.

Day 6- Charles Darwin Scientific Station / Tortuga Bay
Breakfast. In the morning hike to the magnificent and impressive beach TORTUGA BAY. It is characterized by its sandbank and the presence of a longitudinal dune that divides it into two beaches that contrast completely, thus, the one is peaceful and closed, ideal for snorkeling and kayaking; the other one of strong and open waves, ideal for surfing. Lunch.
In the afternoon visit to CHARLES DARWIN SCIENTIFIC STATION that constitutes a research center for the conservation of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of Galapagos, besides developing educational projects for the population aimed at the conservation of the Islands. Dinner.

Day 7- Santa Cruz / Free day
Free day for optional activities. Includes accommodation, breakfast, and taxes.

Day 8 - Transfer out 
Breakfast at the hotel. Return to Baltra Island. Arrival in Quito in the afternoon.

- Air ticket
- Transfer airport-hotel-airport
- Accommodation at Hostal Algarrobos, CRISTÓBAL in double rooms
- Accommodation at Hotel Gran Tintorera, ISABELA in double rooms
- Accommodation at Hotel Palmeras, STA CRUZ in double rooms
- Food described
- For excursions, the assistance of GUIDES IN English or Spanish- Visits described
- Land and sea transport

Not Included
- Entry P.N.G. adults $ 100
- T.C.T $ 20 p / p
- Tax on the pier in Isabela $ 10
- Itabaca Airport-Canal Bus: $ 5 pp.
- Services not described

Note*.- Itinerary can be tailor-made.




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