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Ecuador provides some of South America's most accessible climbing routes, with glaciated and non-glaciated peaks that will test the experienced, and invite the inexperienced to savor the personal reward of summating high Andean mountain peaks such as Cotopaxi, Cayambe, and Chimborazo.

The Andean Region is a great attraction for mountaineers and any kind of traveler that enjoys nature, incredible landscapes, different cultures, friendly people, ancient history, colonial cities and pleasant weather most of the year. You can experience the authentic culture and essence of this marvelous land while practicing or learning how to climb.

Most of the Andean picks go from easy to hard and technical routes and invite the inexperienced to savor the personal reward of summing high Andean mountain peaks. Climbers can choose from 10 mountains over 500mts to try their expertise.

The main peaks along the Volcanos Avenue are over 5000m, though there are lower peaks that can also provide challenging day outings. All Climbing Programs go from 3 to 14 day including acclimatization a must if you have in mind to conquest Cotopaxi's and Chimborazo's summits this, will give you a unique experience in life.

CLIMB BIKE HIKE is an experienced mountain climb operator with 16 years of experience guiding, training and organizing international expeditions: Our experience and expertise allow us to provide our clients with the very best and safe service one would desire when facing extreme conditions on top of the world.

We have several climbing packages to offer but we can also provide tailored mountain climbing programs for beginners or advanced climbers according to their interests.

We climb all mountains in Ecuador the most requested are: Cotopaxi North Face5.897mts, cotopaxi South Face, Altar 5.320mts, Antizana5.704mts and, Chimborazo.

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Weather Update

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                 November 07-08-2020

Cotopaxi conditions: Clear days, not windy, fresh snow at glassier entrance.