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This 8-day tour takes you biking in many different areas and landscapes within Ecuador, dropping from the highlands from over 3000m down to the warmth of the Ecuadorian coast sea level. The program is designed to allow you 4-5 hours biking a day (40 to 60 km), plenty of activity for eight consecutive days on the road.

With this program will you will see a great deal of Ecuador, yet have the comfort of car transfers between biking sites of interest; indigenous communities, cultural areas, helping to avoid biking on busy roads or through urban landscapes. Each day, after completing the section, we will take you and the bikes on the jeep to your overnight accommodation. Further details of the tour upon written request, but to help whet your appetite here are the daily stages

Day 1: Quito – Otavalo.
4 hours of biking approx. remembering the old train in Ecuador and discovering Indian culture.
30 km. Old Rail Train
Max altitude – 3.000mts, Min altitude - 2.700mts
Uphill - 20%, Downhill - 10 %, Cycling 70%
Otavalo hotel Overnight

Day 2: Otavalo – Mojanda Lake – Cayambe
6 hours of biking approx. Hard and nice climb on the highlands.fuya - fuya
30 km. Mojanda Lake
Max altitude – 3.700mts, Min altitude - 2.700mts
Uphill - 40%, Downhill - 40 %, Cycling 20%
Cayambe hotel Overnight

Day 3: Cayambe – Cangagua – Papallacta
8 hours of biking approx. Cycling by lagoons protected area ending at relaxing hot springs.
80 km. Salve Pagcha Lake
Max altitude – 4.100mts, Min altitude – 3.500mts
Uphill - 30%, Downhill - 40 %, Cycling 30%
Papallacta Hot Springs, hotel Overnight

Day 4: Papallacta- Antisana – Machachi
6 hours +-  biking trough the amazing Antisana volcano reserve.
Max altitude – 4.100mts, Min altitude – 3.200mts
Uphill - 40%, Downhill - 40 %, Cycling 20%
Machachi hotel Overnight

Day 5: Machachi – Cotopaxi - Latacunga
5 hours of biking approx. crossing the active volcano Cotopaxi valley. 40km.
Max altitude – 4.100mtspuembik5, Min altitude – 3.300mts
Uphill - 30%, Downhill - 40 %, Cycling 30%
Latacunga, hotel Overnight

Day 6: Latacunga – Quilotoa – Chugchilan
6 hours of biking approx. The best view of a crater in South America.
50 km. Quilotoa Lake around the rim
Max altitude – 4.100mtsquilotoa, Min altitude – 3.800mts
Uphill - 30%, Downhill - 30 %, Cycling 40%
Chugchilan, hotel Overnight

Day 7: Chugchilan – Palo Quemado – Alluriquin
8 hours of biking approx. one of the exciting and awesome downhills in Ecuador.
90 km. Rain Forrest
Max altitude – 3.100mtschiriboga, Min altitude – 700mts
Uphill - 30%, Downhill - 50 %, Cycling 20%
Santo Domingo, hotel Overnight

Day 8: Santo Domingo – Las Palmas – Chiriboga - Quito
8 hours of biking approx. Today you will test your physical condition.
90 km. Tropical Forrest
Max altitude – 4.000mts, Min altitude – 900mts
Uphill - 60%, Downhill - 10 %, Cycling 30%
Return to Quito

Private transportation, park entrance permit, equipment: Bicycle front suspension, helmet, and gloves, bilingual guide, 8 box lunches, water, 7 menu dinners, 7 breakfast, 7 hostel nights based on double occupancy.

Not included
Travel and health insurance, personal expenses, tips and any other not specified as "Includes".

What to bring
Clothes for change, raincoat, sunglasses, sun cream, and tennis shoes. You can bring your biking equipment if you like.

*We will have the Jeep for support during the program. Every night there will be a short briefing about the next day's itinerary and more details.







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